The Color of the Sky I saw that Day was also Blue

The Color of the Sky I saw that Day was also Blue

Ano Hi Mita Sora no Iro mo Aokatta あの日見た空の色も青かった

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Authors: Kidachi Kanon



Genres: Drama Psychological Romance Slice of Life Tragedy

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On that day, in that sea. It was her who had taught me the meaning of life—Oosakabe Kengo, a young man responsible for a bus accident that resulted in the deaths of many passengers.He left everything behind and went into a scenic spot in Iwate Prefecture, Joudogahama, in order to heal his trauma.There, he meets a female college student named Shirakisawa Honoka. Before long, he becomes increasingly attracted to her throughout his stay at a guest house managed by her mother’s family.Eventually, both of them had fallen for each other. However, the weight of his past, a tragic accident, hangs like a cross of sin over his shoulders.“Just for two years, I want you to wait.”—The following day after he had made a decision for all the troubles he had, he came in contact with the astonishing truth of Shirakisawa Honoka.

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