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Bottom A, Top O


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Genres: Comedy Fantasy Romance Shounen Ai

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Innocent looking but is actually a scheming lawyer Omega (gong) x Gentle and honest police officer Alpha (shou)Nie Zihang and Yu Jingxuan’s first encounter took place in the police station late at night. Because his omega lover had cheated on him with an alpha, he had tossed a sphere of concentrated pheromone extract into a packed hot pot restaurant. He had to tell his lover that all alphas were wild animals that couldn’t tell friend from foe when they sense pheromones.The story concluded with him being questioned by a police officer who, despite his gentle voice and dainty features, turned out to be an alpha as well.“Mr. Nie, as a lawyer, don’t you think it’s bad to deliberately break the law?” The alpha asked him.Nie Zihang casually tossed a video recording of the incident while smiling. “In accordance with the ABO Protection Act, my actions were lawful as self-defense. Officer Yu, you should not show unprincipled favoritism to wrongdoers simply because you are an alpha, okay?”The alpha courteously released him.He assumed the issue was over until the next day, when a familiar face arrived at the law firm. A casually dressed Yu Jingxuan entered his office and mused, “Mr. Nie has a strong animosity against alphas. Would you mind if I asked you for help suing an ex-boyfriend? I want his reputation to go down.”Nie Zihang arched his brow. “Oh? More information would be appreciated.”Only then did he learn that Yu Jingxuan was also engaged in AA relationships. His ex-boyfriend had also cheated on him with an omega.Since AO is the right path, why don’t we give it a try?Anyhow, the gender also coincided well.

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