Court Marriage

Court Marriage


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The protagonist― a famous writer in his previous life― now transmigrated into the Mistress Gong Zhuoliang of a large wealthy family, found out that this pitiful boy was always harassed by his step mother since childhood and was raised as a delicate girl by them. But not only that, he, as a guy, was even forced to wear a bride’s wedding clothes to marry instead for his sister.When the ‘Mistress‘ received news of this, he couldn’t bear it anymore and jumped into the water to commit suicide. The reborn him felt pity for Xiao Gong. Now, he wanted to expose the family of his ‘Mother‘ to his ‘Husband‘ and his husband’s family. But he was confused by the pros and cons of the ill relatives.Reluctantly, he lived a ‘married‘ life.Fortunately, although this man is quite frail and autistic, he looked like a good person, and the other really wanted to be a nice husband and treasure his wife. So, whenever Xiao Gong was angry or upset, he would close their door and push Qiao Xianggong down the bed as they do this and that again and again…..In short! This is a story of Xiao Gong’s growth~It is also about the history of the overthrow of the Qiao family’s relatives~

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