Honghuang: I, the North Sea Xuan Turtle, support the sky on my own!

Honghuang: I, the North Sea Xuan Turtle, support the sky on my own!

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Authors: Hongmeng Shengzun



Genres: fan fiction

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After crossing the prehistoric times, he also became the Black Tortoise of the North Sea.The key is that Gonggong has already knocked down Buzhou Mountain, the sky and the earth have collapsed, and Xuantao will be beheaded by Yuanshi Tianzun to support the sky.He expressed that he was very uncomfortable. After finally crossing the line, how could he just die like that?No, I, Xuantao, want to go against the routine, support the sky on his own, and save all beings in the wild, so as to move the Dao."The great road is on the way, and my Beihai Xuangui felt the collapse of the prehistoric world and the disaster of all races.Today, I voluntarily cut off my limbs, turned into the four poles of heaven and earth, propped up the prehistoric world, stabilized the order of heaven and earth, and hoped to learn from it! "boom!When the voice fell, hundreds of millions of acres of Dao merit came, and a Dao Xuanhuang body was condensed.Yuanshi Tianzun was stunned, I haven't even moved the knife yet, why are you holding on to the sky first?The saints are stunned!The script doesn't seem to be like that.Since then, the prehistoric world has lost one North Sea Mysterious Turtle, but there has been one more Mysterious Yellow Heavenly Venerate who is formed by the body of the great virtue.

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