I Am More Paranoid Than The Villainess

I Am More Paranoid Than The Villainess


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Genres: Comedy Drama Fantasy Mature School Life Yaoi

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Shen Man traveled into an old-fashioned dog blood novel and became the beautiful, IQ-lacking Virgin Mary heroine.When she took over the body, she realized that it had just been drugged.In her blurry line of sight, there stood a beautiful and delicate girl — the villainess Lin Shu from the novel.“Shen Man, enjoy tonight,” said Lin Shu, smiling proudly. Suddenly, she was pulled into a scorching hot embrace.Shen Man lifted the corners of her lips and smiled evilly, “Then do you know I like women?”———-Lin Shu never thought that she would have a spring breeze with a woman.And that woman was the person she hated most — Shen Man“I will never like a woman, let alone you!” Lin Shu said firmly.Shen Man’s slender fingers brushed the girl’s delicate lips. She smiled gently, with paranoia “Shushu, you are already my person, so you can only like me.”The girl trembled and her cheeks flushed.———-Shen Man knew that the Lin Shu from the novel would eventually become crazy from paranoia.She thought her actions had already changed the plot, but she didn’t expect that Lin Shu still became… paranoid.The cute little girl had grown into a mature beauty.Lin Shu lifted Shen Man’s exquisite chin with gloomy eyes, “Long time no see, my Sister Man…”Shen Man smiled. She grabbed Lin Shu’s waist and lightly bit her earlobe, whispering, “Baby, you’re really making me more and more surprised.”

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