I Am the Tutor of Count's Daughter

I Am the Tutor of Count's Daughter

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Authors: Stroke



Genres: Comedy

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“Is this just the beginning?”She opened her eyes and blinked rapidly.“You have to wash this.”Elin sat down between his legs and held his genitals large enough to go mad.Flickering, the dark-red pillars swelled more and wriggling on the palm of my hand. The blood vessels became more prominent.This is what Elin really wanted to taste. A decadent pillar of fire that stimulates all kinds of imagination, I must bite into it and suck it up.My heart raced with anticipation and longing.Unlike the fairy-like face, the count’s cynical Elin, a tutor who is now teaching her daughter, Amber.Although she lacks skills, she has a warm heart and falls in love at first sight with Count Kerner, who has a heavenly beauty.Then one night, passing the Count’s room, he heard a moan and went inside… …“Sir, I want to help you.”Count Kerner was injured both physically and mentally due to an incident in the past.He falls in love with Elin’s cute appearance and lovely appearance, who has joined her daughter’s tutor.She enters Kerner’s cold heart as well as his secret room… !“If it’s not to my liking, I’ll have to pay the price.”A love battle between a love-deficient woman and a loving tutor!

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