I Became a Hotel Tester in a Supernatural Hotel

I Became a Hotel Tester in a Supernatural Hotel

关于我的怨种前房客是不可说事物这件事 我在灵异酒店里当试睡员[无限]

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Authors: Orphan



Genres: Fantasy Horror Mystery Supernatural

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After her parents disappeared, Xiang Ya was left with a huge debt. When she had a headache on how to pay back the money, a job posting was shoved into her door.A mysterious website recruits hotel testers and offers extremely high salaries, she only needs to hand in the her accommodation experience and propose a solution at a designated hotel. Her heart moved and submitted a resume, and received an invitation from a hotel that night.The first hotel was unbelievably popular. There would be elevator full of people going up and down in the middle of the night. There was always a woman who pushed the stroller, walking in the corridors, and sharp-teeth kid would stare at people for candy.Xiang Ya tried to ignore these unscientific anomalies until she dreamed of a murder in her sleep, and three days later, her dream came true. At this moment, she believed that the job she was applying for was somewhat scary.*****Crime detective, Zhang Fanyu noticed a strange girl who always appeared at a hotel where a murder or an impending death occur.With great difficulty, he finally caught the suspect in a remote valley.In the end, the suspect climbed up from a grave with a pair of white bones on her back.“I’m suspicious” is written all over her.After resolving another hotel guest’s case, Xiang Ya wants to give it a honorable send off. Just that, right after she pick up the other party’s bones, an outrageously handsome policeman is standing solemnly in front of the grave.Xiang Ya stared at the muzzle aimed at her, and pointed to the bones on her back: Uncle police officer, I’m intending to help her putting on a new dress, would you believe me?Zhang Fanyu sneered: Nowadays, the suspect are being novel and refined about grave digging.

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