I Was an Abbot in Ancient Times

I Was an Abbot in Ancient Times


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Lin Zhao, transmigrated as the framed son of Zhongliang and was sent by the emperor to a dilapidated temple.‘Bind the temple management app and become an abbot!’[Task 1: Repair the Temple of Heavenly Kings – Renew the Incense]Clean up the broken futon and turn back to a pilgrim at the foot of the mountain.Ding dong! Mission accomplished.Get the bonus: watery Chinese cabbage x1.Abducted pilgrim: The old man in the family has been sick all the time. When I went to the temple, the abbot gave me a cabbage with water and spirit. After eating it, my old mans health was healed!Other listeners: What!? That broken temple is so spiritual, let’s go!Lin Zhao: Don’t crowd, don’t crowd! The Palace of Heavenly Kings will be crushed!——The emperor who has not yet consolidated his power sent a secret letter:Aiqing, your life is going well, but I have a headache!Recently, there have been found few illegitimate children, which is very troublesome.I have arranged for someone to come to you, I hope you can share my worries for me!Lin Zhao: …… Shave the prince’s head, it’s not tiring to say it directly.[Reading guide]1. There are magical tables, magical seeds, and magical fertilizers2. There are many short stories in the unit3. There will be a bridge to develop the surrounding economy in the back4. The protagonist is an honest monk on the surface, and secretly attracts talents and transfers funds for the emperor.5. The work is inspired by a game. (Because it involves propaganda, I can’t say the specific name)

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