Iris Revolution Online

Iris Revolution Online

Enjoying a Mofumofu Uninhabited Island Leisurely Pioneering Life ~VRMMO was supposed to be loner play, but it seems that all the players are paying attention~ もふもふと楽しむ無人島のんびり開拓ライフ ~VRMMOでぼっちを満喫するはずが、全プレイヤーに注目されているみたいです~(旧題:Iris Revolution Online)

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Authors: Kimino Neko



Genres: Adventure Fantasy Romance School Life Slice of Life

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“Iris Revolution Online” – A VRMMO that is said to have been created by the Rokujo Group, which established full-dive VR technology, with a huge amount of money.Shota Ise (Sho) dives into that world, the Iris Sphere, as one of the users who won the limited opening.However, he landed on a deserted island.Taking care of his younger sister instead of his parents who are away on long business trips, Sho, who was originally a supportive temperament, tried to create a “one world with no one” in the game IRO.The show gets off to a good start on the uninhabited island, but a listener named Mion finds out that he carelessly streamed it.“Actually, that Mion is my classmate Mio Izumo.”The two found each other after joining the same cyber club, and as part of their club activities, they decided to start performing together on a deserted island.Together with Rupi, the wolf (?) who rescued the injured and befriended him, Sho aims for a leisurely life on a deserted island, but his actions will affect the entire game world throughout the live…

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