The Lord of the Underworld

The Lord of the Underworld

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Authors: 北地余光



Genres: Drama Fantasy Horror Psychological Slice of Life

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This novel is also known as Quick Transmigration Born to be KingYou are born a king, and the world crowns you.——You are the only king of thousands of people in the world.In these three thousand worlds one small world was born incomplete, but it forcibly gave birth to a small world master Luo Zhifeng. In order to complement the original world’s energy, Luo Zhifeng shuttles through various worlds collecting their energy.He is the ruler in each small world he travelled through, becoming the supreme existence praised and awed by thousands of small worlds, and covered up the glory of others!Wherever he went, there were praises from his subjects!Murderous ghost sitting on a blood covered thrown: “You are the king of the ghosts!”Arrogant and brilliant Gods stunted and spitting blood: “You are the master of the gods.”The head of the Cultivation School with full admiration: “You are well deserved-the world’s number one!”…Luo Zhifeng sat on the brilliant throne, smiling freely: “I am Luo Zhifeng.”People from several small worlds looking in one direction and admiringly saying: “You are-our king.”

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Chapter 2: 【02】Like it all (Happy Chinese New Year)

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Chapter 337: suddenly

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Chapter 194

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Chapter 355: Rally for War.

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