The Secret Life Of An Honor Student

The Secret Life Of An Honor Student

Yūtōsei no Ura no Kao ~ jitsuwa ura aka joshidatta tonari no seki no bishōjo to hōkago futarikiri ~ 優等生のウラのカオ ~実は裏アカ女子だった隣の席の美少女と放課後二人きり~

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Authors: Kurage



Genres: Comedy Romance School Life Slice of Life

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If you keep it a secret, I’ll let you have some fun.Akito Aisaka, 16 years old, in the fall of his junior year in high school.Accidentally discovered that the Model Student sitting next to him was a girl who liked to post her sexy photos on a Social Media platform 18.She coincidentally meets Yuu Mamiya and accidentally finds out her true identity and is threatened by an exhibitionist girl who is a model student in her class and also a two-faced girl.“Since you are the only one who knows my true identity, I guess I should punish you~”“Go back to the girl of my dreams- no, go back to being that model student Mamiya!!!”Mamiya to prevent her from speaking, and forced me to help her do a rather naughty photo shoot after school.The photo shoot went on to things that I could never tell anyone else about. ……The amount of time spent alone together was increasing, though I was always overwhelmed by her. We met secretly, took pictures, went on dates, and back home, the time we spent together accumulated and revealed her true face.

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