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E - Posted By kol. Feb 03, 2023

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woah poggers !!

I'm back and disappointed :l - Posted By Lainey May 02, 2023

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I've been checking out this website since I first found it months ago. At first I thought it was still new and still having things be added and fixed, which is fine. After being on VyyManga for awhile and seeing is work pretty well I was excited for this website but I saw it wasn't really secure and it had some problems. I decided to wait awhile and come back and see the problems were fixed and see if the website was more functional. Well, I'm back and disappointed. It seems to have all of the same problems and I can't find anything to read without getting a few chapters in only to find I don't like it; because they are all either poorly categorized, don't have a genre, don't have a description or just don't have any chapters at all. I have to say that I will finally be giving up on this website. I have finally run out of patience and I'm done waiting for them to better the website when I know that it's gonna be left the way it is. I'll be on the hunt for a better one and once I find one I'll be sure to post a link to it. Goodbye and good luck. Have a good day.

The reincarnated villainess is courted by princes every day! - Posted By Vallucalm Mar 24, 2023

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I would love for this novel to be added here. I would really like to finish reading this novel that I started on the Alphapolis website, but as it was sold, it stopped being free after a certain chapter. The reincarnated villainess is courted by princes every day! original title: 転生した悪役令嬢は王子達から毎日求愛されてます! the publisher: Alphapolis label: Noche Books author name Author: Miku Hirayama https://www.alphapolis.co.jp/novel/974587412/763381757

Recommendations? - Posted By Mochabearxx Mar 13, 2023

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Heyya! Im looking for non-cringy str8 romance/sm*t books, bl too but im mostly looking for the str8

Desharow Merman - Posted By Akane Apr 03, 2023

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So like I read the manhwa version today and since it's only 4 chapters so far I saw that there is a novel version of it but I cant find it on the novel side of this website so I was wondering if It had another name or something

Another v sign - Posted By Sara Mar 03, 2023

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Vyvysan we need a another v sign so when some new people people show up they can visit vyvymanga and vynovel at the same time. We can even read manga and come back to read novels too! And it will be much easy to sign in since we sometimes need to search up

log in - Posted By hi i exist Apr 20, 2023

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for some reason i keep needing to re-enter my info to log in each time i change tabs :(

Western novels - Posted By Noneya Business Apr 04, 2023

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Is this only going to be novels catering to more the Asian lite novels(example), or will there be a chance to add western novels as well. Seeing as some of the anime/characters/etc are based on them. Such as Starship troopers, star wars, etc. Also will there be audio books here? If not that's completely fine, just trying to figure it out. Thanks for your time.

40 chp - Posted By Jass Mar 06, 2023

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Why most of novel have only 40 chp

Content? - Posted By MobbedOut Mar 02, 2023

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I know this website is very new but everything in the sports category is just another boring system story with slightly off translations, will there any stories that are originally in english or is everything coming from asian countries?

comedy bl novel recommendations - Posted By love Mar 11, 2023

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Can you recommend me some funny bl novels (preferably complete) to read? Preferably school life but if it’s not, it’s ok!

I AND MY HUSBAND SLEEP IN A COFFIN - Posted By Chantalooog Apr 10, 2023

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I can't see this story on the website. Is it added? The "I AND MY HUSBAND SLEEP IN A Coffin"?

Heeeyyy - Posted By YaoiYAY Feb 28, 2023

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How do I get vyvy to add some novels, is there like a form or anything?

I’m so late to this update - Posted By Ilovereading Mar 05, 2023

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I literally just found out about this website and man am I so good damn happy I found out! I was just going on the vyvymanga website to read some manga when I saw the small orange symbol next to the big green one that looked like vyvymangas and clicked on it and I was so damn ecstatic after I immediately found out this was like vyvymanga but for novels(due to it literally saying vyvynovel update....or something like that when I clicked on it)!!! I'm so happy omg!!!!

No chapters - Posted By Chantalooog Apr 10, 2023

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Most Shonen ai and yaoi novels has no chapters in it. The novels looms good but can't be read.

deds - Posted By mitsuki Mar 09, 2023

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hellooooo, is anyone here?

New member here from vyvy - Posted By `•Rimuru•` Mar 31, 2023

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Can anyone recommend me that the genre is reaction not exceeding 90 chapters thank you.

Surprised 😅 - Posted By Lainey Mar 01, 2023

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When this new website popped up I was excited and expected too much. Honestly it’s great to have a good website to read novels and I was anticipating that it was going well. But there’s a bunch of problems. The comments don’t work, I tried and all it did was disappear. Novels aren’t categorized and if they are they’re wrong and incorrect. And the website itself just isn’t secure. I’ll probably just wait awhile and after a week or two I’ll come back and see if it’s actually accurate and good. Just wanted to put my two cents in, Peace out homies ✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️

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