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No comment showing - Posted By Mia♡ Feb 02, 2023

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Is it just me or there isn't any comment on the main page? I can't even see mine😥

Haha im early - Posted By glamdak Feb 03, 2023

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hello people i will come back to this in march

Novel recommendation - Posted By Momo Feb 09, 2023

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I haven't read any novels till now so IDK where and which novel I should start from.. Can somebody give me some recommendations..I'm open to any genre as long as it's interesting

Add a Novel - Posted By LuCiFeR Feb 22, 2023

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I wanna add some web novel in this site(if possible). How to do so???????

Why this it isn’t secure - Posted By Rheart Feb 02, 2023

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Why a new site when its not secure

first discussion - Posted By soly Feb 02, 2023

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trop down ur fav novels folks. and thank u vyvy for those amazing websites ( Heart emoji). nr. one user ig

Content? - Posted By MobbedOut Mar 02, 2023

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I know this website is very new but everything in the sports category is just another boring system story with slightly off translations, will there any stories that are originally in english or is everything coming from asian countries?

New account - Posted By DinoKei Apr 03, 2023

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I hve so many bookmark (⁠╯⁠︵⁠╰⁠,⁠)

Rape is no romance! - Posted By PerfectMatch Feb 04, 2023

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Grooming, raping, incest, huge age gap, pedo, abusive stories should not belong under romance. Not here, not at the manga site.

Please recommends me some good novels to read!! - Posted By Strawberry Mar 01, 2023

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If you know any please tell me!!! ,★⌒ヽ(●^、^●)

Novel request - Posted By RyuMi Dec 13, 2023

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Could you please upload I'M DIVORCING MY TYRANT HUSBAND please please I couldn't wait for the manhua so I'm looking for novel The original Korean ver is completed but my dummy brain is such a sucker and couldn't understand a thing

Comments issue - Posted By Likhi Feb 02, 2023

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Hii!!! Good to know that a novel website is introduced.... But let me just inform a something that I wanted in this website...... 1. Mangas are fine to read in a mobile version because they show the right size of the letters but novel doesn't do that....... There atleast should be an option for changing font sizes and styles and different modes for reading..... i.e. dark mode is the default now but there should be normal ones too.... 2. I can't press any of the ones that are above the comment box or more like I can access them but when I click on them, it just doesn't appear on the dialogue box

Account - Posted By Ledy Feb 02, 2023

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There is a chance of re-enter with the same account of vyvymanga?

E - Posted By kol. Feb 03, 2023

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woah poggers !!

I’m so late to this update - Posted By Ilovereading Mar 05, 2023

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I literally just found out about this website and man am I so good damn happy I found out! I was just going on the vyvymanga website to read some manga when I saw the small orange symbol next to the big green one that looked like vyvymangas and clicked on it and I was so damn ecstatic after I immediately found out this was like vyvymanga but for novels(due to it literally saying vyvynovel update....or something like that when I clicked on it)!!! I'm so happy omg!!!!

Heeeyyy - Posted By YaoiYAY Feb 28, 2023

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How do I get vyvy to add some novels, is there like a form or anything?

Anyone know the process to post stuff? - Posted By Noob Mar 01, 2023

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I literally have all the 'Rascal does not dream of' epub+pdf files and would love to post them here, but I don't have a clue how.

Recommendations? - Posted By Mochabearxx Mar 13, 2023

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Heyya! Im looking for non-cringy str8 romance/sm*t books, bl too but im mostly looking for the str8

Another v sign - Posted By Sara Mar 03, 2023

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Vyvysan we need a another v sign so when some new people people show up they can visit vyvymanga and vynovel at the same time. We can even read manga and come back to read novels too! And it will be much easy to sign in since we sometimes need to search up

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