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Can i ask some title - Posted By Tatsuya Feb 28, 2023

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I really wanted this Ai o Ataeru Kemono-tachi because I can’t see the full version, just some part of it that I found🫠

New account - Posted By DinoKei Apr 03, 2023

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I hve so many bookmark (⁠╯⁠︵⁠╰⁠,⁠)

improvements on site - Posted By [Constructor of Dreams] Mar 18, 2023

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so it's already a month or so, I'm already happy and thankful for this site bc i REALLY love the ui and overall mechanics of vy, but apparently vynovels is still not secured so everytime i visit a reply to my comment it just says 404 not found, the usual, hopefully this site will be secured lile vy manga, anyways hope everyone stay healthy! many thanks again

Transfer from vyvymanga to vynovel - Posted By Seagull May 24, 2023

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Is there a way for us to transfer our bookmarked novels or our accounts from vyvymanga to here?

Pls read the 'Rebirth of the useless waste: number one evil immortal - Posted By oki Jun 06, 2023

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I highly recommend this one! I've been reading this novel in three years and it's never been boring since chapter 1. I almost killed myself because the site where im reading this suddenly disappeared and can't find the novel in other sites. So, Im so thankful vy-san pick this novel! You save my life ps/: im just kidding about killing myself but I really got depressed for a week because of it english is not my first language so im sorry if im grammatically wrong

Magic world/magic academy novels - Posted By braidenmanga Jun 30, 2023

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I need some magic world novels

I need help finding this novel - Posted By BIu3 Jul 19, 2023

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I dont know if its on this site but i read this novel and didnt finish it( i totally forgot about it). So its a historical novel and its about this girl thats like a divine/chosen child and shes an orphan and has to decide which noble family will adopt her(shes a baby).She choses a family but there she gets abused and dies.She is bought back in time and she choses another famili but there she gets ignored after another holy child apears and dies as a sacrifice.The 3rd time she runs away but dies on the street. When she is reborn again she choses the afamily of a duke that was supposed to be a really scary and cold person.He has 3 children.Him and the 2 younges sibligs get obsessed with her(in a good way) and give her a lot of love I remember at some point she summons a demon .And she goes to a church where she meets a prince and they become friends.But she tell him she is a maid and uses the name of her brother. Thats all i remember.Please help me find it.

Please add - Posted By Koko-koko Jul 21, 2023

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Please add 'heaven officials blessing' novel..

searching novel problems - Posted By [Constructor of Dreams] Aug 22, 2023

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i kept entering titles, even those that are already in my bookmarks and god it always says not found no result??? vy-san :((

MXTX and MEATBUN'S work are TAINTED!!!! - Posted By Not.Happy Sep 14, 2023

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MXTX and MEATBUN's novels here either have bad translations or incomplete. I HAVE THEM THO. How do I upload them here? I really want to reach others. Thank youuu

The updates - Posted By Sara Nov 07, 2023

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I'm thankful for this site. I can read my favorite novels when ever I want to. The site has like really amazing novels and something they add more but the update has been really slow some novels haven't been updated since January 😭😭 are they dropped? I want to read further. It has been great in this website since It was really new to know where to read novels.

will there be/ is there an app for this like for vyvymanga - Posted By FractaledSoul Oct 29, 2023

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is there an app in the works for vynovel like there is for vyvymanga, if so how do I find it or when will be be created

Novel request - Posted By RyuMi Dec 13, 2023

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Could you please upload I'M DIVORCING MY TYRANT HUSBAND please please I couldn't wait for the manhua so I'm looking for novel The original Korean ver is completed but my dummy brain is such a sucker and couldn't understand a thing

The number of chapters - Posted By Lwagneth10 Dec 13, 2023

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Is there a possible to inform the number of chapts, so I can see when the novel is complete? Tks

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